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A tale of two sample sales: Gaziano & Girling and J. Fitzpatrick

A quick post today on two sample sales from two very excellent makers.

Gaziano & Girling are having a walk-in sample sale at their Savile Row store, running from July 1st - 3rd with prices from £300 - £600. I may get along if work diary permits it - I went to the last one (it was just pre-Covid, though time has long since any meaning) and there were some lovely pieces to be had. Pictured at the top of the article are the pair that I picked up - an elegant pair of Hayes on the Deco last with lizard-skin facing around the laces.

My overriding memories are queuing in the torrential rain (which is likely to repeat this week) and passing on a simply stunning pair of black alligator derbies - a decision that haunts me to this day (though my bank account continues to thank me for it).

It's frustrating that G&G haven't figured out a way to get their sample sale online (or more likely it's just not worth it for them - there was a hefty queue at the last one, so no doubt they will sell through without the effort of putting it online). For those that can't get along physically, you can of course expect to start seeing a lot of pairs popping up on eBay from scalpers at annoyingly marked-up prices with long-winded stories about how they were purchased at full RRP years ago but kept in a cupboard and never worn. Which is... annoying.

For those with less expansive budgets, J. Fitzpatrick's sample sale has gone live here

. Prices start at $100 for Grade 3 pairs, though new condition pairs are more in the region of $250 - still a very competitive price for well-made and often very interestingly styled shoes, and a solid choice for any US based readers.

And full credit to Justin for actually getting a sample sale accessible online - as G&G have shown us, it continues to be much more practical to do physically.

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