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John Lobb Prestige Warwick Austerity Brogue Review

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

This will only be a quick review - these were purchased through eBay, but were in and out quickly since the fit wasn't quite right. The austerity brogue niche in my collection is now filled by a pair of Saint Crispin's, but I was still very impressed by the detailing and finishing on this pair.


  • John Lobb Prestige Warwick Austerity Brogue

  • UK 9.5

  • Dark Brown Museum Calf

  • RRP £1,350

JL's Prestige Collection are made to a noticeably higher standard than the Main Range - particularly if you handle them side by side, the difference in finishing is quite stark, although you may find the approximate price difference of £300 a bit of a stretch in terms of value.

John Lobb are known for their museum calf, making consistent use of it compared to some of the other British maker's more occasional use. It can be quite a polarising material, but I find it's a good way of mitigating the formality an otherwise dressy looking shoe.

You can see the sharp lines of the sole here - not quite a spade sole, but somewhat more sculpted than the main range.

Elegantly shaped backstay section - note the single line of stitching that runs part of the way under the main topline stitch.

John Lobb Prestige soles are distinct from the Main Range collection - you can distinguish them with the contrasting ivory egg shaped section on the front of the foot, where the main range is a uniform brown leather sole. Both Main Range and Prestige's rubber heel features a clever design detail mirroring the brand's "JL" logo.

Always a sucker for an atypical lining colour - a racing green leather lining complements the dark brown of the uppers very nicely.

The wingtip's sweeping lines are flattered by the austerity design in this case - rather than brogue holes it features a neat double row of stitching.

Unfortunately the sizing ran quite substantially large, a problem I often have with John Lobb.

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